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Extreme1 Electric is a Texas Multifamily Electrical Contractor

We work with multifamily developers and regional construction companies to design, build, install and maintain large scale electrical systems. Our scope of work encompasses traditional and non-traditional multi-family and multi-use living spaces. Our state licensed journeyman electricians, master electricians and senior project managers bring decades of experience to each client and geographical region throughout the state of Texas:

√ Strategic Planning

We provide overall large scale electrical design and placement for optimal results.

√ Licensed Manpower

We deploy skilled and licensed on-site electrical engineering professionals to oversee each project site.

√ Workplace Safety

We honor and uphold the best practices in project and workplace safety. Please see our Safety Page for more information.

√ Budget and Cost Control

Energy and resource efficiency delivered on time and on budget.

√ Execution

Design-Build and Design-Assist services for the development, implementation and completion of large-scale and special projects.

√ Compliance

We comply with all local municipality codes and uphold National Electric Code compliance.

Electrical Design-Build Process

Our Design-Build process utilizes the newest cutting edge technologies and reduces energy consumption during each phase of construction. Our value engineering options ensure that systems and lighting perform optimally. Trust Extreme1 Electric for your electrical project management needs from conception to completion. Visit our Services Page for our full suite of services.

Specialty Electrical Value Engineering and Installation

We also offer Design-Assist options, complete in-house consulting, and electrical solutions for specialty projects of any type. Whether your project involves high density buildings, garden-style, mid-rise, podium-style or ground-level commercial complexes, we deliver to our clients on time and on budget.

Extreme1 Electric provides quality installation at a competitive price. Contact us today!